Maris180 employment

Partnering with Marist 180 to provide employment opportunities to youth and indigenous jobseekers

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D&D Traffic Management is proud to partner with Marist 180, Blacktown chapter providing employment opportunities for youth and indigenous job seekers. To date a total of 6 applicants have been employed with a further 3 in the process of employment with D&D Traffic Management, via this program.

Marist 180 is an organisation that strives for positive change in the lives of young people, particularly those most at risk and on the margins of society. The Marri-Ba VTEC program is one such program where clients are provided with the opportunity to complete a Traffic Control course at TAFE NSW. Those who completed the program are now fully licensed Traffic Controllers, with their Traffic Control & Implement Traffic Control Plan RMS tickets.
Geoff Hogbin, Industrial Relations Manager at D&D Traffic Management recently met with the newly licensed clients to discuss potential employment opportunities. Mr Hogbin also answered questions about the application process and employer expectations. All who completed their qualifications were then invited to attend a D&D Traffic Management induction program to commence the process of employment.
Over the next few weeks, the new recruits will receive additional training at D&D Traffic Management. Once the training is completed, the new employees will be placed with traffic control crews where experienced & qualified Team Leaders will mentor and assist them on the practical aspects of the job requirements. Under the guidance of their Team Leaders, new recruits will have the opportunity to contribute to high profile jobs including major infrastructure projects across Sydney.
Robert Cazzolli, Managing Director of D&D Group said “We welcome the new employees who have joined our organisation via the Marist 180 program. We are committed to providing the support, training and opportunities to help all employees thrive within our organisation. We foster a culture of being inclusive to all employees within our D&D family”.
D&D Traffic Management is committed to continuing its partnership with Marist 180 and providing employment opportunities to future applicants.