D&D Traffic Management Careers

A pathway to a rewarding and challenging career.

Developing new skills through our comprehensive training program

Learning and gaining experience from mentors

Rewarding to work alongside multinational contractors on prominent Australian projects

Enjoying the comradery of working in a supportive team environment

Celebrating cultural diversity

Achieving through career progression opportunities

Feeling safe in your working environment because safety is our priority over everything else.

…That’s what joining our D&D family is all about.

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One of our company’s core values is Respect For All People.

We respect their opinions, their culture, their experience, their knowledge, their ideas, their time and their health & safety. This value forms part of our company culture in three main ways:

01 Leadership Group

We foster a working environment where we encourage our staff to strive for excellence. Our Leadership Group, that comprises of team leaders and traffic controllers, is a proactive program that facilitates constructive relationships and connections between field, office and management staff. The group plays an active role in creating strategies to enhance our workplace and it also presents a career progression opportunity.

02 Diverse Employment Strategy

Our D&D family culture fosters an inclusive working environment. We’re committed to recruiting people from a diverse range of backgrounds under our Diverse Employment Strategy. We are proud of our partnerships with Aboriginal Employment Strategy, Aboriginal Pathways iTraffic and Maris180 providing employment opportunities to indigenous Australians.
Artwork by: Kellie Olsen
Artwork by: Kellie Olsen

03 Commitment to Safety

We’re dedicated to safety. Our company values state that Health, Safety and Environmental Impacts will not be compromised for profit. We’ve adopted the PORTABOOM® system of work as it’s our mission to remove all traffic controllers from the path of “live traffic”. PORTABOOM® is designed to facilitate the safe management of moving vehicles, plant and people. It’s a remote-controlled motorised boom unit that replaces unsafe stop/slow traffic control. Traffic controllers operate the PORTABOOM® via a remote control whilst standing in a safe zone.