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PORTABOOM® System of work

What is the PORTABOOM® system of work?

PORTABOOM® is designed to facilitate the safe management of moving vehicles, plant and people. It is a portable, motorised boom unit designed to replace unsafe stop/slow traffic control methods by removing the traffic controller from the direct line of traffic and into a safe zone.

How does the PORTABOOM system of work improve safety on your worksite?

Operated by remote control, PORTABOOM® allows traffic controllers greater onsite mobility to attend to other task like assisting pedestrians and local residents, check cones and signage. Meanwhile the workzone remains secure as PORTABOOM® provides a physical barrier protecting the workzone.

Portaboom in use
“We are on a mission to keep traffic controllers safe by removing them from the direct line of traffic into a safe zone”

Reduces the risk of collisions between motorists and traffic controllers

Motorists slow down on approach to the worksite due to PORTABOOM®’s physical barrier

Decreases traffic controller fatigue

Reduces the risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration and sunburn during the warmer months as traffic controllers can operate PORTABOOM® from a shaded safezone

Lessens the stress levels on traffic controllers by reducing the threat and intimidation by motorists

As one traffic controller can operate up to 4 PORTABOOM® units at a time, PORTABOOM® maximises crew efficiency and minimises downtime.

Provides a cost saving of up to 20-30% per crew (cost savings are determined by crew size, project scope and shift duration)

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NSW Safework Winner
We were proudly crowned the winner of SafeWork NSW Awards 2017 in the category of “Best solution for an identified workplace health and safety issue” for our use of PORTABOOM for traffic control operations.
PORTABOOM is TIPES Certified by the Australian Roads and Research Board for use on all Australian national, state and local roads.