Hazard Alarm

Hazard Alarm – Another safety innovation

D&D GroupNews

One of the biggest risks around road worksites is the potential danger of motorists breaching worksites either knowingly or by accident, placing people’s lives at risk. D&D Traffic Management has successfully trialled an innovative Hazard Alarm solution with Boral Asphalt to mitigate this risk. 

The Hazard Alarm is a device operated by the traffic controller and is used to alert workers to potential dangers on the worksite. The Hazard Alarm has a dual function of providing WARNING and EMERGENCY signalling.  

The WARNING signal is a 3 second alarm that is sounded when potential hazards are recognised. These include potential risks like resident driveway crossings, pedestrian movement, contractor vehicles accessing the site and motorists in close proximity to workers. The EMERGENCY signal is a constant alarm that sounds until all onsite personnel are aware of the hazard including distracted motorists, reversing work vehicles, potential collisions and any other hazard posing immediate risk.

Used in conjunction with the PORTABOOM® system of work that provides a physical barrier to protect worksites, Boral worksites are amongst the safest within the asphalt industry thanks to D&D’s innovations. Feedback from Boral indicates that “this device and procedure will potentially save lives on our workplace.”   

Due to the success of the trial, this new best practice is being implemented across all Boral sites and is also rapidly being adopted in rail corridors.   

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