Traffic Management Industry Innovatin Award

D&D Traffic Management is recognised as a highly commended finalist of the TMAA Industry Innovation Awards 2017

D&D GroupNews

We are pleased to announced that D&D Traffic Management was recognised as a highly commended finalist of the inaugural Traffic Management Association of Australia, Industry Innovation Award 2017.

Traffic Management Industry Innovation Award

The acknowledgement recognises D&D Traffic Management’s innovative use of PORTABOOM® in traffic control operations. 

Using PORTABOOM® has resulted in significant safety benefits including: 

  • Traffic Controllers operate PORTABOOM® from a safe zone away from the direct line of traffic
  • Significant reduction of incidents compared with stop/slow methods
  • Provides a physical barrier which motorists can’t ignore
  • Reduces fatigue as one traffic controller can operate up to four PORTABOOM® devices enabling Traffic Controllers to take more breaks, move around to enhance concentration
  • Reduces the risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration and sunburn by allowing Traffic Controllers to stand in shaded safe zones
  • Wireless remote control allows Traffic Controllers to conduct more regular site audits.

Robert Cazzolli, Managing Director of D&D Group said “We’ve placed a great emphasis on creating new technologies to make traffic control operations safer. With over 4 years in the making, PORTABOOM® has revolutionised traffic control and we’re appreciative of the TMAA’s recognition of our efforts. The input and commitment from all of our Traffic Controllers has been a vital part in achieving this recognition and I thank them dearly. We dedicate this recognition to all of Australia’s Traffic Controllers and their families who have been impacted by incidents at worksites and we commit to continuing to our focus on creating innovations to make traffic control operations safer.”

I would also like to thank Traffic & Access Solutions for their continued support in assisting us in implementing the PORTABOOM® system of work. I’d also like to thank my team of dedicated employees for their unwavering efforts, he added.”

Steven Gilming, Managing Director of Traffic & Access Solutions said, “congratulations to D&D Traffic Management for being awarded the highly commended finalists honours. The courage it takes to challenge current conventions and make it safer and better is enviable. We encourage all traffic control organisations to adopt this new best practice.”