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D&D Traffic Management delivers a safer access control solution for Northconnex

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Secure site access for large motorway construction zones, like Northconnex, is a mandatory safety obligation. The conventional access control methods which involves a traffic controller having to stand at the access point with a stop sign, despite wearing high visibility clothing, is less than ideal in regards to safety. 

D&D Traffic Management have implemented an innovative access control solution for Northconnex’s main site that involves the use of PORTABOOM®, the remote controlled portable boom gate by Traffic and Access Solutions Pty Ltd. The use of PORTABOOM® provides a physical barrier to site entry that is operated by a traffic controller who stands in a safe zone, behind the concrete safety barrier, rather than in the direct line of traffic.

Steven Gilming, General Manager at Traffic and Access Solutions Pty Ltd said “This innovative solution is superior to conventional methods as the traffic controller’s physical location is at a safer distance from traffic when operating PORTABOOM®. Considering a large majority of work on Northconnex is being completed at night to minimise traffic disruptions, keeping traffic controllers out of harms way is even more important.” 

D&D Traffic Management will be providing access control to the Northconnex site over the next six months and beyond. Rob Cazzolli, D&D Group’s Managing Director said, “We care about our people’s safety and we will do everything we possibly can to safeguard the mum’s, dad’s, aunties, uncles and grandparents that make up our employees. By utilising devices like PORTABOOM® for access control there is no doubt the safety risk for traffic controllers is reduced.“
Furthermore “D&D Traffic Management is committed to devising new and better ways of doing things to make our services safer for everyone. We encourage and challenge everyone in the industry to strive to achieve this,” he said.

PORTABOOM Northconnex night time

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