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D&D Group makes a significant investment in its Truck Mounted Attenuator fleet

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D&D Group is proud to be one of the first traffic management providers in NSW to introduce the Verdegro 100K, Australia’s first European Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA). The investment of six new TMAs to add to its fleet confirms D&D Group’s continued commitment to safety and innovation. 

“Another large investment in our Safe Systems of work that demonstrates our dedication to proactively manage risk and do everything we possibly can to keep our clients, employees, contractors and the public safe everyday” said Robert Cazzolli, Managing Director of D&D Group.

Fabian Diaz, Business Manager adds “With the capability of stopping a 2000kg small truck travelling at 100kph, our new TMAs meet the new Australian requirements and provide the safest worksite environment that today’s technology can provide”. 

D&D Group were recently invited to showcase one of its new TMAs at the Traffic Management Associated of Australia conference held in Sydney. If you were unable to attend the conference, here are some photos.

If you’d like more information about our new TMAs call D&D Group on 1300 597 622, email [email protected]