Worksite Pro is a custom built business operating system developed exclusively by D&D Traffic Management. The powerful system manages traffic management projects by seamlessly integrating key functions including:

  • Human Resources
  • Safety
  • Training
  • Allocation
  • Asset Management 
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll 
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier Management
Worksite Pro is a powerful real-time tool that strengthens D&D Traffic Management's ability to successfully manage projects of any complexity. It enhances our ability to streamline processes and maximise efficiencies. 


The key benefits of WorkSite Pro include:   

  • Skills Matching - crew qualifications, tickets & inductions are aligned to "fit for purpose rules"
  • Fatigue Management - crew hours are tracked in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Client Management - unique client cards specific for job planning, allocation, project scheduling and asset management  
  • Asset Management - GPS enabled allowing for monitoring of start & finish times, travel times and driver performance
  • Repair & Maintenance - managing registrations, servicing, repair & maintenance of fleet, plant & equipment
  • Reporting - powerful & customised reporting such as hours worked, crew size, audit compliance and invoice summaries

To find out more about how WorkSite Pro® can power your next project Contact Us for more information.