WORKSITE LIVE® is a comprehensive, live data, traffic management system with unparalleled capabilities. It is designed to streamline operational and administrative functions enabling industry best practice for service delivery, safety management and data integrity. 

WORKSITE LIVE® seamlessly integrates with WorkSite Pro, our custom built business operating system. Together these innovative systems offer live reporting, safety and quality control, document management, approval processing and client log-in access for instant reporting. 

View the WORKSITE LIVE® demonstration video here:


A complete onsite safety and quality solution:

  • The system reports all employee fit for purpose rules so that onsite team leaders have assess to this vital information
  • Urgent safety matters like incident reports or asset maintenance issues can immediately be reported to the safety team 
System and information integrity:

  • With only one point of data entry, the accuracy and timeliness of data is assured
  • GPS time and location stamping guarantees the integrity of the information including start and finish times
  • Job safety procedures are completed in accordance with the plan
  • Information is recorded via a job run sheet which is backed up by a log of the events for audit reporting

Information management & communication facilitation:

  • Team leaders have access to all the latest safety documentation
  • Employees can only commence work once they have the latest safety information

On-line client access to LIVE data:WorkSite Live®WorkSite Live® Tablet

  • Provides clients with dedicated job information using a secure log-in via any PC, table or mobile device
  • Historical job data may also be accessed at any time. Clients can access a wealth of information including project dates, crew sizes, shift duration, resource utilisation, reporting and invoicing 

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