Resource Capability

We have a large team of experienced personnel who are dedicated to providing professional on-site services. In addition we boast an extensive fleet of modern vehicles, plant and equipment ensuring we operate safely and to the highest quality standards.

our people

D&D Traffic Management personnel are the forefront of our business operations. Our employees are dedicated and skilled professionals who prioritise safety and reliability when delivering onsite traffic control services.

All our Traffic Control crews are expertly led by designated Team Leaders who, under company guidelines, are RMS Red ticketed. 

Having unskilled personnel on worksites is a safety risk that we won't tolerate. When engaging D&D Traffic Management you can rest assured that all onsite personnel are appropriately skilled, trained and inducted. We invest in a human resource team whose main focus is to manage, train and induct our onsite crews. 

Where possible we always try to re-allocate the same crew to the same worksite providing greater efficiency to our clients. 

Our Fleet of vehicles & equipment 

D&D Traffic Management have invested heavily in our fleet of vehicles, plant and equipment. We have a large supply of over 150 vehicles and equipment suited for all types of Traffic Management requirements. All our vehicles are equipped with state of the art GPS, reverse cameras and reverse quakers.

We have strict maintenance regimes. Our fleet maintenance team maintain and inspect all of our collateral regularly and all fleet of vehicles and equipment comply with Australian Standards.     

Our wide range of plant & equipment items include:

  • Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA)Truck Mounted Attenuator
  • Highway Trucks
  • Escort Vehicles 
  • Emergency Response Units
  • Light Trucks
  • Flashing Arrow Boards
  • Variable Message Boards
  • Directional Arrow Boards
  • Barricades 
  • WorkZone Protection 
  • Traffic Cones 
  • Traffic Signage & Devices and more.

highway trucks & Truck Mounted attenuators (TMA's)

We have a comprehensive fleet of Highway Trucks & Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA's) which have been specifically designed and manufactured according to regulatory guidelines.

Our Highway Trucks are perfectly suited for Road & Motorway Construction and Maintenance works, allowing for traffic control sites to be set up in the fastest and safest possible manner.

Truck Mounted AttenuatorsRecently we have invested heavily in our Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA's) fleet. We were proud to be one of the first providers in NSW to introduce several state of the art Verdegro 100K TMA's. All TMA's are fully compliant with Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) new TMA's Guidelines for the use of Truck Mounted Attenuators in NSW. 

Our TMA's are utilised for the the following work scenarios; 

  • Major Road Construction Projects
  • Fixed Structures on Motorways / Freeways
  • Scheduled Motorway Maintenance

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