Applying with D&D Traffic Management

All candidates are required to complete the below application form in order to be considered for employment with D&D Traffic Management.

If applying for a vacancy position please note the Job Application Reference Number and complete all fields marked as mandatory.

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Attach colour copies. Note: It is a minimum requirement to hold White Card, RMS Blue, & Yellow tickets as well as possessing a current driver’s licence when applying with D&D Traffic Management.

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Fitness for Work

All applicants must be fit for duty and meet D&D requirements. If restrictions are placed by a GP / medical practitioner, please provide a medical certificate outlining the restrictions and what work activities can be performed.

Are you physically fit to carry out Traffic Control duties *

Are you fit to handle equipment including sand bags, signage, hats, stop/slow bats *

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Workers Compensation History

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Driver Declaration

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Pre-employment Screening

Prior to employment you will be subject to a urine drug screen and a hearing test. This will be undertaken at the company’s expense, if you fail the urine drug screen you will incur the cost of the drug screen which will be up to $70. I hereby authorise D&D Traffic Management or its representative to release the results of my pre-employment screening to any authorised person or people for the purpose of progressing my application.

Will you participate in the pre-employment hearing test *

Will you participate in the pre-employment urine drug screen *

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Minimum of 2 references to be supplied

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Supporting Information

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