Applying with D&D Employment Services

All candidates are required to complete the below application form in order to be considered for employment with D&D Employment Services.

If applying for a vacancy position please note the Job Application Reference Number and complete all fields marked as mandatory. 

Mandatory fields are marked * and must be completed

1. General Details

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2. Emergency Contact

3. Employment History

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4. Qualifications / Certificates / Tickets

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5. Inductions

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6. Fitness for Work

It is important that you be medically fit to perform the duties associated with the occupation or positions you are registering for. Do you agree to undergo a full medical including a drug & alcohol screen at the company’s expense? *

D&D Group ensures employees are unimpared whilst at work. Will you participate in a random ‘on the job’ Alcohol & Drug test? *

Are you currently restricted / have any issues to any of the following work

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In a noisy environment *

In Confined (small) Spaces *

Heavy Work *

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Have you ever suffered or are you suffering from

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Sore eyes or skin rashes due to oils, chemicals, animal or plant products? *

Are you currently taking / using

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Any medications that have been bought over the counter? *

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7. General Company Matters

Given the nature of our business, you may be required to work with various host employers in different industries, on different work sites at different times. We require the following information to assist us and ensure you are placed in a suitable position.

Are you willing and able to work overtime? *

Are you willing and able to work weekends? *

Are you willing and able to work varied shifts? *

If not, what shifts are you able to work?

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Are you willing and able to work at short notice? *

Are you willing to attend safety inductions in your own time? *

Are you prepared to work to the full extent of your capabilities? *

8. Driver Declaration

Have you had any insurance cancelled or refused *

Have you had any special conditions imposed or renewal not offered *

Have you had any claims *

Have you had any fines *

Have you lost your licence *

9. Workers Compensation History

Have you made any previous Workers Compensation Claims? *

Claim Details


10. References

Minimum of 2 references to be supplied

11. Position Preference

Please select positions applied for and / or work preferences.

12. Supporting Information

Please attach any additional certifications, tickets, licences and / or resume to support your application.




13. How did you hear about D&D Employment Services

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14. Application Declaration